Friday, August 24, 2007

My Nephew!!

I have one great little nephew. He was born on Sept.18,2004 he was a big boy. My older sister Dawn and her husband Ronald named there son Ronald Thomas Casalinova. They named him after his dad and my dad. My dad's name is Thomas. They don't call there son Ronald they call him Ronnie. He is a handfull. He has a nickname for me and it is Aunt Pat Pat. I took him a present 8/23/2007 and he was so happy. He goes oh for me. I said yes. He took the bag and it was some clothes. The clothes had the Disney Car's on them he loves the Car's movie. He said thank my Aunt Pat Pat I love you. We were playing games while his mom and dad were working. The game we played was a reading game. He named 10 cards out of 20 if I can remember right. I'm going to put some pictures on my blog. He calls himself king of the cool.


KaysKorner said...

Patty, you are doing a very good job on your blog. Keep adding to your blog.

Your in my prayers
Love you
Aunt Sharon

Mike's World said...

Keep up the good work.
Your blog is real nice.
You are doing a great job.