Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ronnie's 3nd Birthday party.

Today I did something I never do unless I'm sick.  I skip church for my nephews birthday party.  My older sister Dawn had it at Vargo's  before they open.  Ronnie had a wonderful time Sunday.  He had alot of people and kids there.  So he had a ball.  this year was better then last year he cry and though a fit.  He was playing with the kids and then the kids and him seen a clown coming.  The clown was making balloons animals and taking pictures with each of the kids.  Ronnie though that was so cool.  Then after that everyone sang happy birthday to him he was every sing along. He was so happy.  So later on my sister ask him if he was ready to open his gifts and he said yes.  So that is what we did.  He had a lot of them.  He was so happy with all of his gifts.  He lot money,Thomas the train things, clothes and some other thing.  This one thing that Ronnie got he was so happy to get.He told his dad to look what he got and his dad said that is cool.  So after he
open his gifts he told every thank you.  Then we had cake my sister Dawn had gift bags for the
little kids. So after my mom,grandma and I ate are cake we told the birthday boy that we were
leaving.  He said OK.  We told him that we love him and he said that he love us to.    


KaysKorner said...

Patty, you did an excellent job of doing your own posting. I knew you could do it.

Love ya
Aunt Sharon

Twirl Girl said...

Isn't he so cute aaaahhhh

Twirl Girl said...

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Thaddeus said...

Thank you for changing it to Thaddeus.